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Easy Steps to Buying a House

House buying is a very important financial process in your life.
Following are guidelines in procuring your home and equity in your future.

1. Do you have what it takes?
  Whether you're a first time homebuyer or you're ready to upsize or down size, buying a house is based on your ability to take on the financial responsibility and commitment of a home mortgage, if that may be the case.

2. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is a high priority.
  To obtain a mortgage for the purchase of a home, the best place to start is to schedule an appointment for the approval process with a mortgage lender. A mortgage lender will work with you to see if you qualify and what price range you may be able to afford, so you can begin your house search.

3. Looking at homes and selecting a Real Estate Broker in your area.
  Searching the internet for "homes for sale in 'your' area" will give you an idea of what is available and information on location, price, bedrooms, acres, etc. Calling a well known local real estate agency is also a less stressful method by giving them your criteria of what you would be looking for and the price range you would be comfortable in purchasing. Let them do the research and work for you. They will assist and represent you in every aspect of the home buying process.

4. Making an offer.
  After you have found the home you would like to purchase and would like to make a written offer, a purchase agreement can be written by your representing agent so it can be properly presented to the seller. All terms such as price, method of payment, taxes, possession, earnest money, and any further conditions, etc, will be specified in the "contract to purchase" for submission to the seller. Any negotiations or counter offers will be properly presented back and forth until both parties are in full agreement.

5. Accepted offer and closing.
  When both parties have come to an agreement, the purchasing process will proceed towards an established closing date specified on the purchase agreement and coordinated by your lender and real estate agent. Additional processes, such as inspections and appraisals, may be conducted to verify that everything is to your satisfaction and meet the requirements of your lender, giving you the comfort and satisfaction of purchasing a solid valued home. After this, complete title search work is performed to insure you have a clear and legal title commitment, and you can then proceed with the purchase of homeowners insurance for you new home.

  All ends well with the closing process and all parties involved come together to review and complete the real estate transaction. It is typical in this area for possession to be within 30 days from the date of closing; however this varies with each individual situation. When your "possession date" arrives, you get the keys to your new home and you're ready to move in!    Enjoy!

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